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Choosing a Pediatrician
Selecting a pediatrician should begin in the second or third trimester of pregnancy for a new baby. For older children, a new pediatrician may be required for a variety of reasons. Before researching a pediatrician, you may want to ask yourself some questions. Will you, or your child, prefer a male or female physician? Do you have any preferences about language, ethnic background, or age? Does your health insurance company provide a list of physicians to choose from?

Finding a pediatrician can be aided by asking friends or family for referrals. You may also research pediatricians in your area through the American Academy of Pediatrics. While researching your pediatrician, you should investigate several factors. Are you comfortable with the doctor's practice philosophy? What are his or her credentials, specializations or Hospital affiliations? How many years have they been in practice? How many physicians at the location, and what is the ratio of physician assistants to physicians? What insurance is accepted, and where here is it necessary to go for laboratory work or specialized treatments?

Most pediatricians who are accepting new patients will set up an interview, so that you can ask the prospective physician questions about his or her practice. If you schedule an interview, strike up a conversation with parents in the waiting room. Try get good sense of how long they've been with the practice and how they feel about the level of care they're receiving. On your interview visit, bring your child in to meet the pediatrician and experience the office environment. During your interview, consider the following:
  • How is coverage handled when the pediatrician is off duty, and who are the covering physicians?
  • Can your child be seen the same day if s/he is sick, and how are emergency situations dealt with?
  • What are the wait times for scheduling a visit, and how long should you expect to wait to be seen?
  • In the case of medically related patient calls, is the practice using the Barton's updated phone triage protocol book?
  • What is the doctor's philosophy about such topics as prescribing antibiotics and preventative/alternative healthcare?

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We realize that your time is important! We hope to provide you practical tips and helpful advice that will assist you in making informed decisions on the health and well being of your child.


Today's adolescents face many challenges to their health and safety. Fortunately, parent involvement and open conversations can help them deal with many of today's problems.

As teens mature, it is important for them to begin to take some responsibility for their own health. But by establishing a trusting relationship with both parent and physician, we can build a bridge to adulthood, together.

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You trust your pediatrician to maintain the health and wellness of your children. Know that we share your goal in ensuring your children are on a path towards positive growth and development.

From responsibility and safety to healthy relationships and self esteem; let's help them learn in a fun environment that fosters healthy decision making. Education is about preparing your child for their life ahead. At Wolf Pediatrics, your children are our most important work.

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